Woodys Tree and Worm Farm

At Woodys our focus and passion is on growing native Australian trees and screening plants, along with a variety of ground covers and shrubs.

We are located in Townsville, North Queensland. If you are a local, pop in to visit our nursery. Or give us a call to talk about an order.

Commercial quantities are available in many of our species.


The interest in natives like Eucalyptus, Callistemon, Melaleuca are making a come back. Drought conditions and water restrictions have forced Australian gardeners to return to growing reliable drought tolerant native trees and shrubs and grasses.

 bottle brush

Hedging & Screening

Looking for a hedge or screen? At Woodys our focus is on growing the species that do well in the tropics.

Lillypillies, Murrayas and Ixoras bring in the butterflies and birds to feed on their showy flowers and fruits.

The fruit from the Lillypillies are edilble, plus also make great jams and sauces.

If the plants you are looking for are not listed, contact us with an enquiry. It is very likely we'll be able to help, especially if your choice has already been planted but is not quite ready for release. Place your order now.

 mock orange syzgium aussie southern 

Citrus and Fruit Trees

Woodys now have a range of cirtus and fruit trees in stock!

eureka lemon  thiatian lime

Pandanas and Cycads

Woody has an interesting selection of Pandanas and Cycads to enhance any garden


Our Bamboo range is the largest north of the Sunshine Coast.

Contract Growing

We are available as a contract grower if you require specialist species or high volume unique orders. Our nursery facilities allow us to produce virtually any species in very high volumes to suit your requirements.


Woodys are now on Facebook. "Like" us using the button on the left, to keep in touch with us, ask us questions about your own trees, and find out about our specials.